Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Resume Help

Need help updating your resume? I'll help you. Just email your Word doc resume to me at by August 15, 2010 and I will review for you free of charge. I've been reviewing resumes for family and friends in a variety of fields over the last ten years, since majoring in HR Development at the University of Florida.

In the meantime here are my top 10 tips on resumes:

1) Center your name at the top of your resume in larger size bold font

2) As far as your contact information goes only list your cell phone and email address under your name... forget home addresses, employers will get this info from you at the application stage and unfortunately sometimes your address can deter employers from contacting you

3) Double check your email address, make sure it's politically correct/ professional

4) Write an Objective... in writing your objective answer the questions: what are you looking to do? And why would you be good at whatever it is that you are looking to do?/ what will you bring to the table?

5) If you've been working full-time i.e. not a recent college grad follow your Objective with your Experience otherwise for college grads you can follow with your Education

6) When writing about your Experience try and use numbers wherever possible as they are eye-catching/ carry weight/ provide a metric

7) Do a Ctrl F for any keywords your next desired employer may be looking for... you can get keyword ideas from job descriptions you are applying to

8) Do not use the Underline function in Word as Underlines may be mistaken for links when your resume is viewed online

9) If your name leaves potential employers questioning whether or not you are a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident you may want to state that you are, if you are, on your resume i.e. *U.S. Citizen or *Permanent Resident... Most universities are now instructing their students to do this as many employers are no longer sponsoring international students/ foreign employees

10) Always have someone proofread your resume


  1. Hey Nelly! This is super awesome!! What a great idea! Oh and check out my blog also! Talk to you later!

  2. Nelly, Your resume advice is the best I've ever had! Thank you for sharing the wealth of your wisdom all these years. This blog will help so many like you helped me over the years. I'll be paying it forward :)

  3. Thanks Nelly! This is only God,because I am working on updating my resume today, and this is quite helpful.

  4. I am recommending this blog to all the job seekers I know. As a Recruiter people need to know that these suggestions make a HUGE difference.