Monday, August 30, 2010

What is Business Casual Attire? Better yet, what is Smart Casual?

In light of the Young Catholic Professionals upcoming Executive Speaker Night with Mr. Dan Hennessy to be held this Tuesday, August 31st this blog entry is about Business Casual and Smart Casual Attire.

According to Wikipedia Business Casual Attire is what 43% of non-self employed workers wear to work (or should be wearing to work because we all know people who don’t really follow the “dress code”). But to make matters a bit confusing every company appears to have their own take on Business Casual wear.

Jeans are typically not considered business casual (jeans are generally thought of as casual). So, to play it safe when you are invited to an event that lists the attire as being Business Casual leave your jeans at home. ;)

I recently came across the term "Smart Casual" and absolutely love it. It supports a concept I was taught by Susan Sommers, a fashion consultant,
( who did several workshops at the public accounting firm I use to work for in Uptown Dallas. Susan taught us the power of “three pieces.” Business Casual is typically thought of as being two pieces of clothing i.e. dress shirt and slacks or blouse and skirt but when you throw in a third piece you really turn your look up a notch to what in essence is Smart Casual. For men this means adding a blazer/ jacket or tie and for ladies this means adding a blazer/ jacket/ cardigan or scarf (note this does not mean wearing suits, suits are formal business attire). One need not be afraid to use color, prints and/ or accessories when dressing up their typical two piece Business Casual outfit into a three piece Smart Casual look.

Happy dressing!

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