Friday, October 29, 2010

My Fav Five for Mommies

It’s been 8.5 weeks since my last blog posting. Now that my precious baby girl, Sofia Grace, is a day shy from being 8 weeks old I finally have a little bit of time to write. In honor of my new role as a full-time Mom I figured I would share with you my five favorite Mommy buys.

If you are a Mom-to-be register for these items! I wish I had, I would have saved myself time and money.

If you are invited to a baby shower and want to go off the registry please don’t just resort to buying cute clothes pick up these items and your gift is sure to be a hit with the Mom-to-be once baby has made his or her debut.

  1. The Miracle Blanket: by far the best way to swaddle a baby. Shortly after our daughter was born we ordered this blanket in neutral beige online since it was sold out in our local Babies“R”Us. To see all the benefits of this amazing blanket check out The Miracle Blanket’s Web site:

  1. Fisher Price’s Ocean Wonders Cradle ‘n Swing: this one came recommended to us by my husband’s coworker. Although this swing is blue and therefore thought of as more boy than girl it’s a huge hit with Sofia and in my opinion the best Fisher Price cradle swing on the market. Our favorite feature is the water globe with changing lights. Check it out:

  1. All Natursutten Rubber Pacifiers: I am not a fan of pacifiers; it probably has something to do with the Ecological Breastfeeding class we took at the University of Dallas… and Catholic guilt… ;) I actually didn’t buy one until Sofia was five weeks old and I only bought one because I was worried about her screaming during her Baptism if she got hungry or uncomfortable. And well sure enough she did get cranky and thank God we had this “paci” on hand. We try to use it sparingly and mainly when Sofia is in the car or at church. If you are looking for a green eco-friendly product that resembles the breast this pacifier is for you.

  1. Wrapped Body Suits, Cross Tees, Kimono Tops, Side Snap Tees: My Mother-In-Law was the first to mention these double breasted type tops to me when I was pregnant and at the time I was like what is she talking about because all I knew about was the “onesie.” But then after receiving a kimono top from Rick’s coworker I am a huge fan of these body suits/ tops. They are ten times easier to put on and off a newborn than the traditional pull over onesies. Unfortunately they are a little hard to come by in stores and more expensive but so worth the price! Here’s one of Sofia’s modern threads:

Carter’s carries a few:

  1. Lug’s Tuck Tuck Carry All Diaper Bag in Chocolate Brown: this is my Uptown bag and I love it! It’s got everything including a ventilated compartment for dirty diapers/ soiled baby clothes, a wipeable bottom, water bottle pockets for Mom, removable changing pad and more...

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my fav five. To all the Mommies out there what are yours? Please do share! J