Friday, December 30, 2011

Did You Know that the "Twelve Days of Christmas" Occur After Christmas Day?

Good Morning Texas obviously did not know that the twelve days of Christmas occur after Christmas day since they were celebrating them the twelve days before Christmas. ;) It's ok if you didn't know this either... Here's some info.:

"The "Twelve Days of Christmas" refer to the eight days of the Christmas Octave from December 25 to New Years Day, and the four additional days up to and including the eve of January 6, the traditional date of the Epiphany. In the USA and many other countries, Epiphany is now celebrated on the first Sunday after New Years, so the exact number 12 does not necessarily apply. But the point is, don't throw out the tree on the 26th--the birth of the Savior can't be celebrated adequately in one day. Let the celebration continue through at least through the Feast of the Epiphany--if not through the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord."

-Taken from The Crossroads Initiative, a Ministry of Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy All Hallows Eve!!

All Hallows Eve is the night before All Saint Day, hence Halloween. Here's an entertaining article on how to keep Halloween both fun and sacred: Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween... A Christian Holiday?

Back in the day my mom was so confused about Halloween which led to my brother and I growing up confused. Over the years we alternated between doing the whole traditional Halloween thing in our neighborhood, the Hallelujah Night at the mega non-denominational church in town, and the "we aren't going to celebrate Halloween/ pass out candy this year." Perhaps my mom could have benefited from reading this article, Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween? I know I learned a thing or two! (Thanks, John McKeefery, for emailing this article to me!)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some of the Best Money I Ever Spent...

Was on a lactation consultant... Judy Eastburn was my consultant and she charged me $146.50 for about an hour and a half session. She gave me some tips, tricks and most of all support with nursing our borderline premature baby girl in the comfort of my own home. She also introduced me to the Medela contact nipple shield. What a wonderful invention! I used that sucker for eight weeks, it became a bit of a crutch for me until the day we moved into our new house and with the hustle and bustle I said the heck with it, latch on little girl. And well our baby girl was more than capable.

It's been 13 months and I'm proud to say that I'm still nursing our little bundle of joy. It's been a journey I never expected.

Our daughter was born three weeks early due to me being diagnosed with preeclampsia at my 37 week checkup. Our daughter latched on right after I pushed her out into this world and I was able to feed her some colostrum a few hours later. However, I was unable to sufficiently nurse her enough during those vital hours in the hospital. My milk just wasn't letting-down. This brought me to tears.

I, the former 20 something who didn't even like the idea of breastfeeding, became sold on it at about 29 years of age before getting pregnant. I was so sold on it that I was determined to do ecological breastfeeding, a practice among natural family planning couples (no bottles, no pacifiers, co-sleeping, nothing other than breast-milk straight from the breast). I didn't even buy one single bottle before our daughter was born nor did I register for one, why wasn't my milk letting-down? Was this because of the preeclampsia? My boobs were huge at the time, our baby girl needed to eat, God...what's going on here?... More tears...

Then the nurses at the very pro-breastfeeding, no pacifier hospital, Dallas Presby, told me we had to feed our baby formula ASAP as she was born early, had jaundice and was losing weight fast... More tears... I was terrified that if our daughter had a bottle of formula in the hospital we might never get this nursing thing down. I expressed my fears and fortunately our nurses allowed me to feed our daughter using my pinkie finger with an itty bitty, teeny tiny narrow tube along side it that was attached to a syringe filled with formula. This was to try and avoid nipple confusion from using a bottle. And I still tried to nurse every three hours for the remainder of our hospital stay followed by some pumping that was fed via pinkie / syringe.

Upon arriving home the same routine continued until Judy arrived and changed our world! There was just something about that silicone nipple shield that our daughter loved! Per our pediatrician's orders, I kept having to supplement each feeding with a little bit of formula until our daughter gained her birth weight back which took about 2-3 weeks. By now the tube and syringe were worn and I had to break down and buy a bottle at Babies R Us. So I bought the Tommee Tippee. Goodbye to the idea of ecological breastfeeding.

For a variety of reasons...concerns about keeping our daughter's weight up, my 1970s/80s pro-Similac parents, sleep deprivation, a desire to get away with my husband for a few hours when the grandparents were in town, and believing formula feedings made our daughter sleep longer at night we continued to give almost a feeding a day of formula until our daughter was about four months old. What made us stop? Spotting. One of the benefits we appreciated about breastfeeding, natural lactation amenorrhea and infertility, was possibly coming to an end. We hadn't charted in months, actually in over a year and we just weren't ready for me to be fertile again... We also realized we gave our daughter formula at night for so long because it was easier but not what was best for her. So we got rid of the formula and tossed the bottles to the side. We started co-sleeping with our daughter in our bed to ease those night time feedings from months 4-5, thank God we upgraded to a King.

Around 5 months after we had moved our daughter into her own room I actually woke up early one morning and pumped before getting in the shower. While getting dressed I gave my husband the bottle to feed our daughter and she wouldn't drink from it. So I took the bottle out with us to a moms club meeting at Saint Rita's where she still wouldn't drink from it but was indeed hungry. Then it hit me, after a month of just breastfeeding she would now only take milk directly from me. Wow!

I remained infertile until our daughter was about 10 months old. Had some heavy spotting at 9 months and then a monster of a period at 10. So back to charting/ natural family planning at least until this little one is completely weaned. She's down to two feedings a day and even though it can be exhausting and inhibiting at times, it really is amazing. God does promote mother and baby togetherness, it's part of His divine design, He built moms with breasts, gave them breast-milk, to nourish their babies, He's amazing.

I could go on and on but my wish for this post is to help and inspire others by sharing my breastfeeding story. I encourage any expecting mothers to get mentally prepared to "not give up" and if needed, hire a lactation consultant who can come to your home. As medical professionals would agree, breast-milk from the breast is best.

God Bless

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Miss Blogging!!

I miss blogging!! We've just gotten so busy with our little cruiser that I hardly ever get on the computer and just write. I've had lots of thoughts on what I want to write about so stay tuned, blogs should be coming soon on how I was convinced to be a full-time mom, breastfeeding, weaning, school, etc..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congratulations to My Little Brother!

"Assistant Coach James Kane Joins MSU Basketball"

Last night my little brother James accepted a new position with Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky approximately two hours from Nashville, TN. James has been packing since and moves to Murray tomorrow night. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he makes this move. And if you know anyone in the Kentucky area please let us know as James doesn't have any friends/ family in the area. ;)

And although we are going to miss saying Roll Tide!, the Rama Jama cheer, "Sweet Home Alabama," etc. We are really excited for James as he takes his career to this next level. Praise God and Go Racers!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Little Black Dress

So I've been having a love hate minus the love relationship with clothes lately. This struggle is mainly because of my "fatty pa-tatty" postpartum body and the fact that I am nursing my precious eight month old daughter. I need easy access to my milk supply and well that doesn't leave me with many wardrobe options. My choices are basically 1) nursing tops which I wear out of necessity but don't really like since they are typically frumpy or of poorer quality and 2) casual short sleeved or sleeveless button down tops which are actually a bit hard to find. I've been looking for nursing dresses FOREVER and found a couple last fall that were both nursing/ maternity dresses. I liked the nursing aspect of those dresses but definitely not the maternity part. Then I Googled Rosie Pope after falling in love with her show Pregnant in Heels and found a refreshing nursing option on Rosie's Web site... a little black nursing dress! Alleluia! I ordered it and it arrived today. I immediately ripped it out of the box it was shipped in and tried it on after quickly reading Rosie's sweet little note:
"Pregnancy and parenthood is such an amazing time in a person's life. I'm honored you chose to order from Rosie Pope Maternity during this special time. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your purchase. Kindest Regards, Rosie Pope"
I love my new little black dress, postpartum body and all! ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

My New Favorite Toys/ Books for Sofia


I'm a huge fan as is my 8 month old daughter of one our our most recent purchases. A baby book that is baby proof! These books are chew proof, rip proof, nontoxic and 100% washable. We especially love to hand them over to our baby girl when we are at Church or out to eat as an alternative to tear-able missalettes, song books and restaurant menus. ;)

The two INDESTRUCTIBLES we've purchased so far are Hey Diddle Diddle and Hickory Dickory Dock both of which our daughter is familiar with from her Baby Bounce class at Northpark. For all my Baby Bounce mommy friends you may want to buy these durable fun toys/ books for your little one.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Want Gorgeous Photos of Your Little One?

Look no further! I found a photographer you are going to love! She was actually recommended to me by one of the moms in my Dallas Moms Club. The photographer's name is Abby White and her company is called Abby White Photography. I know there are lots of photographers out there but not too many with a legitimate studio which was one of my pet peeves until I found Abby. She's got it all, a studio, tons of natural lighting, a blog, a Web site and much more. She's also super sweet, easy going and works really well with little ones (she has two of her own). We had Abby take our daughter's six month old photos and here's a sneak peek. If you like what you see be sure to leave a comment on Abby's blog and check out her services.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrating Fat Tuesday

How are you celebrating Fat Tuesday this year? What a fun way to kick off Lent with your kids if you have children or for yourself. This year we will be attending the Young Catholic Professionals monthly meeting/ speaker event in Dallas at which Mardi Gras themed food and drinks will be served. Our little one will be feasting on her first tastes of baby food, per the Pediatrician, rice cereal mixed with peaches or pears. Next year I hope to give her King Cake!

In any case be sure to celebrate and prepare yourself for the season of Lent beginning with Ash Wednesday. If you are wondering why Catholics get Ashes on the forehead on Ash Wednesday well it's because it's a "an ancient penitential practice and symbolizes our dependence upon God's mercy and forgiveness." For more information on the Lenten Season click here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Really Cute Baby Socks

The other day I was admiring the cutest baby socks on one of my daughter's girlfriend's sweet little feet. Checkout these Maryjanes.

I liked them so much that I wanted to buy my baby girl a pair but couldn't really find them in stores so I went online and found TRUMPETTE's entire product line. In one word, ADORABLE! These socks make for the perfect baby shower or birthday gift. I bought my daughter the Pixies since they remind me of my flats. ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Study: Moms' Work Schedule Is Making Kids Fat"

My husband shared this article with me late last night and I thought I would share with all of you. Back in my working days I could totally relate to having less time for grocery shopping and food preparation and see how that could lead to obesity.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need a Bag? Luggage? Makeup Bag? Diaper Bag?

My favorite bag store for "travel, work, play and everyday" was on Good Morning Texas today and is offering a 30% discount off of your entire purchase from now until Saturday. Check lug out, they've got the best diaper bags! I have the "Tuk Tuk Carry All Bag" in chocolate brown:

Watch this Good Morning Texas clip for the lug promo code: