Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congratulations to My Little Brother!

"Assistant Coach James Kane Joins MSU Basketball"

Last night my little brother James accepted a new position with Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky approximately two hours from Nashville, TN. James has been packing since and moves to Murray tomorrow night. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he makes this move. And if you know anyone in the Kentucky area please let us know as James doesn't have any friends/ family in the area. ;)

And although we are going to miss saying Roll Tide!, the Rama Jama cheer, "Sweet Home Alabama," etc. We are really excited for James as he takes his career to this next level. Praise God and Go Racers!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Little Black Dress

So I've been having a love hate minus the love relationship with clothes lately. This struggle is mainly because of my "fatty pa-tatty" postpartum body and the fact that I am nursing my precious eight month old daughter. I need easy access to my milk supply and well that doesn't leave me with many wardrobe options. My choices are basically 1) nursing tops which I wear out of necessity but don't really like since they are typically frumpy or of poorer quality and 2) casual short sleeved or sleeveless button down tops which are actually a bit hard to find. I've been looking for nursing dresses FOREVER and found a couple last fall that were both nursing/ maternity dresses. I liked the nursing aspect of those dresses but definitely not the maternity part. Then I Googled Rosie Pope after falling in love with her show Pregnant in Heels and found a refreshing nursing option on Rosie's Web site... a little black nursing dress! Alleluia! I ordered it and it arrived today. I immediately ripped it out of the box it was shipped in and tried it on after quickly reading Rosie's sweet little note:
"Pregnancy and parenthood is such an amazing time in a person's life. I'm honored you chose to order from Rosie Pope Maternity during this special time. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your purchase. Kindest Regards, Rosie Pope"
I love my new little black dress, postpartum body and all! ;)