Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Little Black Dress

So I've been having a love hate minus the love relationship with clothes lately. This struggle is mainly because of my "fatty pa-tatty" postpartum body and the fact that I am nursing my precious eight month old daughter. I need easy access to my milk supply and well that doesn't leave me with many wardrobe options. My choices are basically 1) nursing tops which I wear out of necessity but don't really like since they are typically frumpy or of poorer quality and 2) casual short sleeved or sleeveless button down tops which are actually a bit hard to find. I've been looking for nursing dresses FOREVER and found a couple last fall that were both nursing/ maternity dresses. I liked the nursing aspect of those dresses but definitely not the maternity part. Then I Googled Rosie Pope after falling in love with her show Pregnant in Heels and found a refreshing nursing option on Rosie's Web site... a little black nursing dress! Alleluia! I ordered it and it arrived today. I immediately ripped it out of the box it was shipped in and tried it on after quickly reading Rosie's sweet little note:
"Pregnancy and parenthood is such an amazing time in a person's life. I'm honored you chose to order from Rosie Pope Maternity during this special time. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your purchase. Kindest Regards, Rosie Pope"
I love my new little black dress, postpartum body and all! ;)

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  1. I hear you on the clothes suitable for nursing. I can't wear nursing tanks - S/M/L/XL sizes just don't fit the shape of my nursing mama body. I found these at Old Navy ( I layer them under whatever I'm wearing. The neck is stretchy enough to pull down to nurse but doesn't stretch out too badly...and reshapes in the wash. HTH!! :)