Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Recommendations for a Stash

My girlfriend, Christy, is currently expecting her first baby and asked me what I would recommend including in a stash of medicines, creams/ bath items, first aid gear that she is preparing. Here's what I recommended...

1. Balmex. I think I have bought over 50 bottles of the stuff in the last 16 months, I apply it at almost every diaper change to prevent rashes.
3. Boogie Wipes (my daughter seems to like the grape scent)
5. The First Years Pacifier Wipes (can also be used on teething toys like Sophie the giraffe)

I swear I use a different kind of wipe for everything!!

7. Aquaphor Healing Ointment (for rashes on the face, bottom, etc.)
8. American Red Cross Rapid Thermometer (LOVE that this takes my baby's temp in her ear and now that she's 16 months old she loves putting it in our ears so it also functions as a toy. ;))

I haven't fallen head over heels for a shampoo or body wash but my recommendation was to use something natural.

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