Wednesday, April 10, 2013

16 Weeks & A Healing Visit to the Chiropractor

We are "16 weeks" which means we have been waiting 21 days for my body to release our baby's body however today we are waiting with a different mindset.

Wednesday, April 10th/ Day 21 of Waiting
Rick and I went to the OB this morning and saw our baby in another sonogram. He was just precious, still measuring 12-13 weeks, we could see his little hands and feet. He is dropping down/ getting into position but my cervix has yet to dilate.

We then went to my old Chiropractor, Dr. Autumn Gore, who I saw when I was pregnant with Sofia. Seeing Autumn today was a blessing. She helped us realize that there is a reason my body has not released my baby, it's not chaos, there is a reason. Maybe it's because I am still battling this cold. ;) Autumn went through what we are going through a little over 10 years ago. Given her experience she spoke words of wisdom and faith to our souls. She basically told us to never say "miscarried" again as it implies one did something wrong, like a mistake. She also said, "your baby's heart stopped beating...In hospitals they call that a loss of lost your are experiencing a loss on earth but your baby isn't even really lost because we know where your baby is...your baby is with her Creator. Your baby has transitioned to where you will be able to rejoin her." 

Autumn then adjusted me and I cried, that was a first at the Chiropractor! ;) Rick cried too! It was healing. We are now working  with Autumn on getting my nerves and pelvic area ready to release our baby. Autumn then gave us Evening Primrose Oil to gently ready my cervix. She said Cytotec, what most OBs prescribe to dilate one's cervix in a situation like ours, is like a "sledgehammer." So we are going to try a more gentler approach for now and see what happens.

Thank you again to all our family and friends who have been supporting us through this time. A special thank you to all the Saint Monica Mom Circle Moms who have been delivering us HUGE dinners this week. :)

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