Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photos of Happier Times Pregnant with Christian

The process has begun and has been like a slow drip faucet that gets turned on and off, and then on and off. In between these times it is quite boring, especially since it is cold outside and we can't go hang out in the backyard or go for a nice warm sunny walk. Oh how I am not a fan of Texas weather. Believe it or not a couple moments have been humorous... just picture Rick and I in the bathroom not having a clue to what exactly is going on with my body, lol. Autumn, our Chiropractor, told us how this is going to be an incredible bonding experience. We shall see. :)

Anyway, let's look at pics of happier times with Christian alive in my womb.

Photo #1: Rick, We're Pregnant Again!! :), 01/14/13
Story Behind the Photo: I had a feeling we were pregnant again because I got a pimple and just couldn't wait to know so as Rick was driving home for lunch I took a pregnancy test, quickly decorated the island to set the stage for the news since it was Monday, January 14th a month before Valentine's Day. Rick walked through the kitchen/ garage door and surprise! Yay! We then cried, prayed, hugged and kissed!

Photo #2: Date Night at Bolsa before Nausea, 01/19/13

Photos #3 & 4: Belly Shots Post Workout Training Sessions at 5 Weeks 1 Day Pregnant, 01/24/13

Photos #5, 6 & 7: The Day We First Saw & Heard Christian's Heartbeat on Valentine's Day at 8 Weeks 1 Day Pregnant; His heartbeat was so strong and beautiful it looked like a butterfly 02/14/13

Photos #8 & 9: A Saturday at the Park with Abuelita & Grandpa, 02/16/13

Photos #10, 11, & 12: Shopping for a Wedding Guest Dress at 12 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant, 03/16/13
My favorite color but I was just too pale for this dress.
Sofia trying to find my feet in this Ralph Lauren gown which is the dress I chose.
This last photo is my favorite! 
I like to call it, "a moment with Christian."


  1. So sorry for your loss, happy for your blessings.
    God has plans for your future blessings, so keep appreciating your moments. Can't wait to see you guys and sofia, Rosa

  2. Thank you Rosa! It will be good to see you again when we are in Florida. :) God Bless!