Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Our Surprise We Had a Baby BOY!!

To our surprise I delivered our baby BOY last night in our Jacuzzi tub. I guess the fetal heart rate gender prediction turned out to be an old wive's tale. ;)

Where to start?!?!

Friday, April 19th/ Day 30 of Waiting

I woke up around 8 am and went to the bathroom, but saw nothing on my pad. I felt a bit discouraged and started to think I may have to resort to Cytotec per my OB, if something didn't happen by night fall. Around 11:30 am my friend Melissa came over with her three kids and brought us lunch plus a play-date. I had a good time; Melissa is such a doll. We went outside to the backyard for a bit and talked as the kids played, it was nice. 

Shortly after Melissa left our house I went to the bathroom and saw a little bit of blood in my pad. I then started having contractions around 1:30 pm. They were about 5 minutes apart but I didn't think much of them as I have had some false alarms over the last 30 days. Nonetheless, I timed them as I was on the computer and watching TV while Sofia was napping. I had Rick make me a cup of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to help move things along just in case it was indeed time. He put two tea bags for extra strength in one cup of tea. Can you tell we were ready? ;) We knew Rick's parents were on the way to our house from McAllen, TX and thought tonight really should be the night - Sofia's got her Grandparents, we've got medical gloves (our last supply that we bought on Thursday night). Anyway, I drank my tea and Rick's parents got to our house around 3:45 pm. 

My contractions then got to be 3 minutes apart so I made another cup of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea with two tea bags again and asked Rick when he would be done working because I needed him (Rick was working from home on his laptop). I went outside to sit in the sunshine around 5 pm and give a quick call to my Mom to tell her I was having contractions and Rick's parents had arrived. I then went back inside and told Rick, it's time for us to go to the bathroom and "FOCUS, I'm in pain!" I don't think Rick quite got it, but he stopped working and obliged. Painful contractions, contractions, contractions. In between all these contractions Sofia woke up to her Grandparents...surprise Sofia! Rick and I did a circuit around our bathroom from the toilet, to my Pilates ball, to my tailgate chair, to my yoga mat, to using Rick's handheld electric back-massager on my lower finally just getting naked and in the shower. I turned on both the regular and rain shower heads and had hot water hit the small of my back and my belly. I squatted, sat on the shower floor, laid on the shower floor, did all sorts of weird stretches and positions to deal with the painful contractions. Oh, I think I was in the shower for what felt like an hour. Then I told Rick to go get a mirror to see if my cervix was even dilating; of course we couldn't tell a thing. We were clueless. ;)  Next, I told Rick to get me a towel to dry off and my robe. He asked me if I wanted to put my clothes on and put on a maxi pad. I think I said, "hell no" or something to that effect. I then laid on my yoga mat on my side. Rick started pushing pain killers on me, I think I was driving him crazy! ;) I told him, "respect my wishes!" "I am trying to do this naturally!" I think he then said, "why?" "are you sure?" "both OB and Natural Doc said you can use at anytime", etc.. And well, I think I told him to "shut-up!" 

We started texting our Doctors and friends to get their take on pain killers. Luckily my friend Ailer encouraged us not to take the pain killers since they would numb me and I might not be able to feel my progress. I was a woman after all and my body was built for this! Thank God I listened to Ailer because there is this great gift God gives women during childbirth...Oxytocin!!

"Rick, run me a bath already!" "Clean the tub! I can't believe you haven't gotten the tub ready!" "Come on already!" I got in the tub and peed! We emptied the tub water, re-cleaned the tub and started running the water again, ah nice warm water.

Rick texted to ask our Naturopathic Doctor how much longer we would be laboring as contractions were now 2 minutes apart and 1 minute long...she replied it could take 10 hours total! It was almost 6 pm, we were more than four hours into it and I thought to myself can I really do this another six hours? Rick said, "that would be MIDNIGHT!" I thought to myself, maybe I should take those painkillers? ;) I better get it together and pray and breath and stop cursing. ;) At some point, I even did what sounded like Indian chants. I felt close to my Mama Luisa, (maternal grandmother from Colombia with Indian background) who gave birth to her 11 biological children all by herself in her bedroom. I thought to myself come on Nelly, you are COLOMBIAN!! ;) "God help me do this."

Rick and I decided it was best if Sofia was not around to hear any possible screaming or try to come in the bathroom.  So, Rick stepped out of our bathroom and told his parents, "why don't you take Sofia out to eat to distract her so she doesn't hear anything." Thank God they only went to Starbucks one mile from the house. Rick came back into the room and hung out as I had more contractions. I grabbed him during one of them and told him to GET me some red Gatorade and Smart Water for the electrolytes. I think it had been hours since I drank anything and I thought to myself, oh no I am going to be dehydrated and that's a "no-no" per the Doctors. Rick took his sweet time in the kitchen, (for some reason he wasted his time trying to find an already opened bottle of Smart Water in the fridge instead of just grabbing a new one!) and leaving me to my lonesome for about 2 mins during one heck of a painful contraction.  It was so painful it had me rolling all over the tub trying to find a comfortable position. I think I blinked or closed my eyes for a second and then my WATER BROKE!! Oh what a feeling!! I don't know if this is normal but, I love the feeling of my water breaking. It's awesome! It feels like a champagne bottle popping and like this huge release of pressure, pain and water. POW! 

I started screaming out to Rick, "MY WATER BROKE, MY WATER BROKE!" "RICK!" "HELP!" "RICK!" I then looked down into the tub between my legs and saw like a smokey cloud of brown and yellow. The cloud slowly faded out and there was MY BABY!! I cried out, "MY BABY, MY BABY, I LOVE YOU, MY BABY, I LOVE YOU!" "RICK, RICK THE BABY IS HERE!! THE BABY IS OUT!! RICK!" Tears! Tears of joy and tears of love! Tears like none I have ever had before in my life. I did it! And for whatever reason, at that moment I technically did it alone with no one with me...just a moment between me and my baby. :) A moment between mother and child. Awe! It was beautiful! It was natural!! My prayers had been answered!! I gave my deceased baby a proper delivery!! Oh sweet Jesus, Thank You!! Thank you Jesus!!

To Be Continued... Preview: Rick runs into the bathroom and saw his SON! And then we called my Father-in-Law, Dr.Macias, for help!!! 


  1. Prayers for you and your family. Nelly, I appreciate your testimony of God's greatness even in the face of such hearache. May God continue to love on you and your family. Grace and Peace I pray for you.

    1. Lesley, thank you for your thoughts and kind words. God Bless.

  2. Hi Nelly and Rick,
    Thank you for sharing this difficult yet gratifying experience. May God continue to bless you and grant you strength to continue to trust in his promise. Take care of yourselves and may you heal and recover emotionally and physically so continue to do God's will. I've experienced the loss of a newborn, and I can attest that God does heal the pain. My prayers to you and your family.

    1. Hi Rosa,

      Thank you for your kind works and for all your prayers. I know you know my sorrow. Our babies are in Heaven together with our Heavenly Father. One day we'll all have an amazing reunion.