Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Laid Our Son's Body to Rest

Today we laid our son's body to rest. We had a 10 am service at Calvary Hill Cemetery led by our Pastor, Father Bierschenk.

This morning was tough although not as hard as last night when we held, said goodbye and prepared our son's body for burial. His body was so fragile and we had to focus on being so careful with him. We both held his hand, touched his feet and kissed his forehead one last time.

Getting us all dressed in black was difficult, the tears were flowing. Getting in the car and having Rick hand me our son's coffin was even more difficult. His coffin rested on my lap as I held each end trying to keep everything level as his precious little body was inside and I did not want it disturbed. I cried as we drove to the cemetery. I turned and looked at Rick and he too was wearing his sunglasses even though it was quite grey, rainy and cold outside. Sofia even asked for her, "mis lentes."

Shortly after we parked the car at the cemetery my friend Erin pulled up beside us. It was originally just going to be the three of us as our parents are back at their respective homes. However, last night Erin text me and offered to join us. I was so grateful as I wanted someone to take photos and videos of the service. Erin knows loss and has buried her Father so her presence was very touching as this is the first time Rick or I have buried a loved one. Erin was a Godsend to us today.

The service was short and sweet. There was a small table with a linen tablecloth set before the crypt for unborn babies. On the table was a blue, green and white flower arrangement we made for baby Christian Valentine. Beside the flowers was his sweet little coffin from the Elizabeth Ministry with a name plate we had designed at Things Remembered. The name plate read as follows,

Our Angel Baby
Christian Valentine Macias
March 2013
We Love You!
Mom, Dad, & Sofia

Father led us in a Catholic rite/ blessing. Afterwards we played a couple minutes of a song my friend Jackie suggested, "With Hope" by Stephen Curtis Champman.

This Is Not At All How
We Thought It Was Supposed To Be
We Had So Many Plans For You
We Had So Many Dreams
And Now You've Gone Away
And Left Us With The Memories Of Your Smile
And Nothing We Can Say
And Nothing We Can Do
Can Take Away The Pain
The Pain Of Losing You But
We Can Cry With Hope
We Can Say Goodbye With Hope
'Cause We Know Our Goodbye Is Not The End Oh No
And We Can Grieve With Hope
'Cause We Believe With Hope
There's A Place By God's Grace
There's A Place Where We'll See Your Face Again
We'll See Your Face Again
And Never Have I Known
Anything So Hard To Understand
And Never Have I Questioned More
The Wisdom Of God's Plan
But Through The Cloud Of Tears
I See The Father's Smile And Say Well Done
And I Imagine You
Where You Wanted Most To Be
Seeing All Your Dreams Come True
'Cause Now You're Home
And Now You're Free And
We Have This Hope As An Anchor
'Cause We Believe That Everything
God Promised Us Is True So
We Wait With Hope
And We Ache With Hope
We Hold On With Hope
We Let Go With Hope

After the song played Rick & I placed our son's coffin in the crypt. I kissed my hand and touched Christian Valentine's coffin as tears just flowed. "Goodbye My Love!" We then stayed to take photos and watched as the staff closed the crypt. The plaque on the crypt says,

"Let The Children Come to Me. Do Not Keep Them Form Me." Mark 10:14

We hugged, said goodbye and thank you to Erin. We asked Father for a family blessing, hugged and said goodbye to him. Before leaving the cemetery we drove around so as to be a little more familiar with where the body of our son has been laid to rest. Calvary Hill is a big beautiful cemetery where you can't help but notice it's Catholic identity and all the families that have lost a loved one. We also noticed that loved ones have later gone on and joined their family members which is truly something beautiful and something to look forward to after our earthly life. "We can cry with hope."


  1. Crying with you today Nelly...with hope too. This life is but a vapor and you will see your sweet Christian again.

  2. Thank you Jackie and thank you again for sending us the most appropriate song. May God Bless You! xoxo

  3. May GOD BLESS YOU and RICK! Crying right now at work reading these last 4 posts. A son, wow... You did it all by yourself. You are very strong and I admire you. Precious little boy...

  4. Thank you Courtni for your kind words. Big hugs!!