Friday, June 14, 2013

8 Weeks Out Tonight & Fifth Disease/ Slapped Cheek

I had my eight "weeks out" checkup today with my OB. My charts look good as I have had my first postpartum period. Temperatures are on track and mucus signs are ridiculously strong which is typical after a loss. That's why you hear, "you are most fertile after a loss" it's called, "increased fertility." Maybe it's like a sympathy gift from God to bereaved moms. ;) It's nice to know I am fertile this week but also weird since it's because of our loss(es) and because we should wait to try to conceive again. Per my Doctors the latest research says in efforts to carry to term it's best to wait and try to conceive after a loss like ours after three months but no later than six months. So that's our window/ goal. You'll have to understand if we don't attend evening events or have out of town guests stay the night at our house during our window (approx. August/ September - November/December. ;)

My OB finally went over my tests results for Fifth Disease/ Slapped Cheek. It was the ONLY anything I tested positive for/ immune to a few weeks ago. It's a virus that can be dangerous to unborn babies. School children get it all the time. To be honest the fact that I tested immune to it drove us crazy as we did not know when I most likely contracted it. Did I have it as a kid? OR Did I have it while I pregnant with Christian?  This had been a nagging question on our minds for weeks! I cringed at the thought that I may have caught it from a child I came in contact with during my pregnancy.

If my OB had done a blood test on me that day he informed us that Christian's heartbeat stopped I would have known for sure and a whole heck of a lot sooner if the virus was currently alive in my body or something I had a long time ago as a child. I was pissed at my OB or his nurse, I don't know which, who forgot to test me immediately.

My parents could not remember if I had Fifth Disease as a kid so I contacted my Pediatrician's office and well my file was destroyed 10 years after my last visit. I had my brother who is three years younger than me contact his Pediatrician but his file was also destroyed. My brother promises to take a blood test for me at some point to see if he has immunity to Fifth Disease and if so then we probably had it together as kids.

Fortunately, today my OB looked at my immunity numbers in detail with us and explained that even-though we took the test six weeks late my numbers/ levels most likely indicate that I had Fifth Disease as a kid. Sigh of relief. It would have hurt even worse to know that I caught it while pregnant from a child. So my lingering cold symptoms and rosy red cheeks that we thought could have been Fifth Disease symptoms were most likely something else. Thank God for that and stretchy mucus! All my Natural Family Planning peeps know what I am talking about. ;)

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