Sunday, July 21, 2013

Today Was Sam's Due Date

Today, Sunday, July 21st 2013 is the day our second baby was due. Baby Sam Frances Macias we love and miss you!! In Baby Sam's memory we released four balloons with handwritten love notes one from Mommy, Daddy, Sofia & Angel Baby Christian.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Questions I Am Often Asked

I originally wrote this entry back in May but never got around to posting. Here it is with some updates.


1. How are you feeling?

I am feeling well physically. My body has healed. I bled for three weeks after delivering Christian, had painful uterine cramping for 7-10 days which is normal after delivery and then had an unbelievable amount of mucus, more than any other time in my life. TMI, I know! But my OBGYN says mucus is a sign of the body healing.

I am also feeling a little fat as I gained weight after delivering Christian. However, Pilates which I began in June and am falling in love with is helping! I just wish Pilates wasn't so expensive.

All the other feeling areas i.e. emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual take time. Lots of time. One needs to process, grieve, learn to live a new normal, get through what would have been due dates/ birthdays, Baptisms, etc.. Sam's due date was July 21st and Christian's was September 25th we plan to do a balloon release for our babies on their due dates.

2. Are you and Rick going to try again?

First off, I think this question was asked of us way too soon less than a month after delivering Christian. However, Rick and I are very open, very pro-life, Catholic and apparently healthy and fertile (after thousands of dollars worth of tests) so we've been prepared to answer this question as we have always been open to life. Please note another couple at a different place in their faith journey and under different circumstances may have really been hurt by this question as they would still be mourning the loss of their child. Please allow couples a significant amount of time to grieve before asking them this question if you must ask.

In our case, yes of course, we will try again. We practice Natural Family Planning and are relatively young (33 & 34 years old). Plus we would like for Sofia to grow up with at least one sibling on earth (she's got two in Heaven and she knows it :)). We are also rather strong, strong enough to God forbid go through this ordeal again. We obviously don't ever want to go through this again or experience something even worse but we now know this stuff happens, can happen to us, has happened to us.

Given the research that is out there, mainly from the UK and now making it's way to the US, the best, safest, most likely to carry-to-term time for us to try to conceive again is during the 3-6 month window after my cycle returned to normal at the end of May. So as of now that is looking like early September - early December 2013. Keep us in prayer during that time! And if we turn down your evening events you will know why... ;)

3. Do you guys know why this happened?

Nope! And it suxs not knowing why because now we don't have a designated prevention or treatment plan for pre-conception or pregnancy. Weird. Almost every woman I know with repeat baby loss was diagnosed with something physical or genetic and then was able to treat it with pills, injections, extra monitoring, etc.. We don't know what if anything to do differently but you know us we are taking it upon ourselves to be pro-active and are now doing acupuncture along with chiropractic care. More to come on my adventure with acupuncture/ Chinese Medicine.

4. Are you going to see a high risk OBGYN/ Perinatologist now?

I thought I might be refereed to one but apparently not, since we have not been diagnosed with anything physical or genetic. All tests have come back clear/ normal so we have no known risk factors and are apparently not "high-risk." Although if you ask me sex and pregnancy has become awfully risky for us. I feel high-risk. ;)

Now I've got a question for you. ;) Did you do any out-of-the-box pre-conception or pregnancy treatments? If so, please share I am all ears!!

My Favorite Puzzles for Sofia

I am way overdue for a short and sweet fun post. ;) 

So today I went to Home Goods for the first time! I know I am late to the party. ;) Anyway, I found Sofia's favorite puzzles for $6.99!! In comparison to the usual $11.99 that I pay. Cha-ching!! :) I love these Melissa & Doug Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles because, 1) Sofia loves them and will do them over and over again 2) they are educational, good for her mind and hands 3) they come in a durable keepsake box which makes cleaning them up and storing them a lot easier.