Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chinese Herbal Tea

So I have started drinking Chinese Herbal Tea per my Acupuncturist, Dr. Zhou. The tea consists of 10 different herbs which I must drink in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner. Once mixed together and boiled the cup of tea looks like dark brown almost black water. It tastes nasty, bitter but it's drinkable. I am allowed to add honey to it but haven't yet. I pray to God this tea works and that my preventative optimal preconception health efforts are not in vain this time. They've worked for two Dallas friends who like me lost multiple babies in the first and second trimesters for unknown reasons after their first born. The teas cost $5 per day and I will need to drink them until maybe half way into the first trimester once pregnant. Here's hoping we get pregnant on the first try in September so that I don't have to drink the tea for too long. ;)

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