Monday, August 5, 2013

My Adventures with Traditional Chinese Medicine & More...

So after losing baby Christian I've been feeling like I have got to change things up. I feel like I need to do things differently this time around for pre-conception, conception and pregnancy. I know that the death of my babies might not have had anything to do with my previous regimen but after what I've been through I've got to change things up even if just for peace of mind. I am currently changing all my vitamin brands, workouts, I've added more chiropractic adjustments to my routine and I am going out of my comfort zone by seeing a well known and highly recommended Acupuncturist/ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor, Dr. Zhou.

Vitamin Brands - Still in the works, looking for well known and inexpensive brands this time, also looking to take a whole lot less this time around

Exercise Regimen - No more Jazzercise and no more weights :(, now doing Pilates and walking, may add a prenatal swim class during pregnancy but it must be in warm water according to TCM

Chiropractic Adjustments - Every other week along with lots of warm baths with things such as apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt ;)

Acupuncture - Every week for 12 weeks preconception and then during early pregnancy for a few weeks

Traditional Chinese Medicine - No alcohol, caffeine or cold drinks (that includes anything with ice, out of the fridge or freezer i.e. ice cream, frozen yogurt, popsicles, etc.) during the "pre-mester" aka the three months before we Try To Conceive (TTC). I have not followed this to the T but the goal is more like 80/20 and as we get closer to TTC I'm getting closer to 100% of the time. Oh and I need to try and avoid plastic when it comes to eating and drinking. Easier said than done my friends. ;) I now pour filtered water from my fridge into a glass pitcher every night before bed and drink it at room temperature throughout the next day. I even have one of those hippie glass water bottles from Whole Foods that I carry with me everywhere!

Why am I doing Acupuncture/  Traditional Chinese Medicine? Well, because I have two friends in Dallas who have lost multiple babies (seven total between them) without an explanation. They then found Dr. Zhou, went to acupuncture, followed her Traditional Chinese Medicine recommendations and now have another living breathing baby on earth. :) So of course, I have got to give this a try and I pray to dear God that it will work for me too.

With my Acupuncture/  Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment came an assignment to read these two books: Making Babies (a fascinating read that introduced me to the "pre-mester") and The Infertility Cure (I dislike the title for my particular situation but the author does differentiate between infertility and repeat loss of a baby which I appreciated). I am still in the process of reading these two books but they are definitely teaching me things one does not usually hear about in traditional western medical care. For example, I've learned that my fertility type is "stuck" more to come on that later. ;)

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