Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sofia from Two to Three Years Old

This was the year that...

1. Sofia finally grew some hair!! :)

2. Sofia began formal Spanish language instruction at the Spanish House.

3. Sofia got into the tradition of Trick or Treating.

4. Sofia enjoyed opening up Christmas and Three Kings Day/ Epiphany presents and driving around to look at "luces" aka Christmas lights.

5. Sofia became a fan of Uncle James' basketball games. "Go Uncle James!"

6. Sofia finally fell in love with Fort Lauderdale Beach!

7. Sofia became a fan of not only Dora and Diego but also Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins. (Mommy had a rough year and gave into Disney Junior but uses the remote to translate into Spanish. ;))

8. Sofia mastered the art of Melissa & Doug puzzles.

9. Sofia prayed the Our Father at Mass in English and started praying our short abbreviated family grace, i.e. "En Nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espiritu Santo Amen. Gracias Dios Por Nuestra Comida. Amen!"

10. Sofia fell in love with dresses, tutus, sparkly shoes and princess regalia.

11. Sofia said, "I love you" in Spanish for the first time. "Te quiero." (It sounded even sweeter than "I love you" in English.)

12. Sofia became a Big Sister to two younger angel siblings. In the process she heard her brother's heartbeat, showed her parents love and compassion when the were grieving/ crying, brought flowers to her siblings grave, lit candles after Mass on Sundays for her siblings, prayed for them and learned a little something about heaven. ;) This reminds me of the meaning of her name Sofia = wisdom. :)

Happy 3rd Birthday to Our Sofia!! We love you!! :)

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