Saturday, October 19, 2013

Six Months Out

Tonight I am six months out from the day I delivered Christian on Friday, April 19, 2013. (On a side note Friday afternoons are hard on me, my body feels it even before my memory remembers it.) Six months is a significant milestone as I am now to the point where I do not cry or tear up every day or every week. Now that I count back I have actually gone nine whole days without tearing up. My last cry was on the morning of my birthday on October 10th. Healing/ mending is happening. It will take a lifetime/ the after life to completely heal but some of the healing is happening on earth. :)

Out of no where last night Sofia stumbled upon videos and photos of Christian for the first time and reviewed them closely and sweetly. She said things such as, "that's a baby!," "awe, baby has booboo," "baby Christian for Sofia?..." We cuddled and I listened as she so maturely looked at her baby brother's photos and watched videos of Rick and I saying bye to Christian the night before his burial. We then talked about how Christian is in heaven with Jesus and we will see him again when we go to heaven.

We will all see him again... Amen... :)