Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ending 2013 by Nursing a Minor Concussion

How fitting that I find myself nursing a minor concussion at the end of such a traumatic year. ;) Definitely not how I was hoping to end 2013 or start 2014.

Late Saturday night I accidentally missed Sofia's rocker when sitting down to put her to sleep in her pitch dark room and wound up whacking the lower back of my head into her floating bookshelves. Tears, screams and curse words flowed. :( Since then I have pretty much been in bed other than going to Mass and lunch on Sunday and then again tonight for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, a holy day of obligation and dinner at "Celebration." Mass and hunger are driving forces in our household. ;) Now I am back in bed sipping hot chocolate since I can't drink all the expensive champagne I bought given the fact I am downing painkillers. lol What a year I have had!

Here's to 2014! 

I pray, actually I beg God to let it be easier and cheaper than 2013. I beg Him for a healthy year for my family. Our 2013 medical bills were unexpected and totally annoying between tons of testing and consultations as to why we  maybe lost our babies, Rick's broken rib, Rick's wart removals and my uterine polyp removal. :( I pray for a healthy fourth pregnancy and healthy second living baby in 2014. I pray my Dad will remain stable throughout 2014 and throughout my next pregnancy. I now have this new nagging fear of not only losing another baby at any point in my pregnancy but of losing my Dad at the same time/ during the same year. It is absolute torture. I can't believe he almost died in my home, in Dallas, at the hospital I gave birth to Sofia while he was here to take care of Sofia during my scheduled surgery on Friday, November 22nd at the same hospital. Ugh! The words "guilt" and "trauma" pretty much sum up what I feel about that horrible experience. :( I can't stop either possible loss of life from happening in 2014 but I beg God that He will not allow it. I pray for a reprieve from suffering for the Kane and Macias households. 2014 has got to be better than 2013, right?

I remember the days when New Year's Eve was fun! Lighthearted! Filled with booze, dancing, friends, kisses and lots of goals/ resolutions. Oh to be young! Maybe one day Rick and I will find ourselves celebrating like that again. One day, in a few years...

Here's to 2014! ;)

Oh and for those keeping track TTC is on hold/ off limits per my OB until February given my surgery. February, the month we heard and saw Christian's beautiful heartbeat...

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