Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We Have Named Our Babies

Since we believe that life begins at conception and we saw two sacs we felt obligated to name our babies. This was hard for us as we didn't want to add to our list of babies in heaven or add to the list of siblings Sofia has in heaven. It's just so sad for all three of us. The physical and emotional part of pregnancy which is then followed by loss effects each one of us and is taking its toll just when we were getting better after so much grief work and healing.

We definitely needed to name one baby as we know we were pregnant but since we saw two sacs we came up with two names just in case there were two souls created. I guess we'll know for sure when we get to heaven.

Our babies names are,

Jo Frances Macias & Lu Frances Macias

They share baby Sam's middle name as they are our babies whose gender we do not know since they died so early in my womb. There are many Saint Frances(s) but the one we think of when it comes to our babies is a Mother who lost two children to death from the plague in Italy.

Rick felt very strongly about the name Jo, it could be short for Joseph/ Jose or Josephine/ Josefina. In any case, it's a name after Saint Joseph, Jesus' earthly Father, and Patron Saint of Fathers. The name Joseph also means, "God shall add." Coming up with another two letter gender neutral name was a bit more challenging. I liked Lo after Our Lady of Sorrows, Lola, Delores or for a boy after one of the many Saint Lawrence(s). But we went with Lu which could be for one of the many St. Louise(s). My Maternal Grandmother's name was Louisa and she lost a son, her 10th child, shortly after birth. My Mom was very young as she was the ninth child and doesn't remember his exact age, days or weeks, or the cause of his death. He had a home-birth like all his siblings and well back in those days there was not a whole lot of good record keeping or testing.

So when Rick and I think of all of our children we think of,

1. Sofia Grace Macias
2. Sam Frances Macias
3. Christian Valentine Macias
4./5. Jo Frances Macias & Lu Frances Macias

It's crazy to think that when we get to heaven we may have three or four babies waiting to greet us. (tears)

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