Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Love These Shoes!

It's Spring! And well that means it's time to update Sofia's wardrobe and shoe collection. Yay! Shopping for Sofia is definetely one of my favorite Mom jobs. 😉 Although buying clothing is a size 5T and shoes in a size 10 has been pulling on heartstrings. 😢 I really hope I get the opportunity to do this all over again and am so greatful that I at least got to/ get to do this for Sofia.

Anyway, I just learned about the shoe brand Native and decided to order Sofia a pair of their Jefferson Iridescence in Pink. These shoes are waterproof, washable, shock absorbant, odor resistant and animal free! They totally appeal to the green girl in me. 

Today is the first day Sofia has worn them and she LOVES them! :) They are kind of like a Crocs, jelly and sneaker rolled into one. I am thrilled that she will be able to slide them on quickly, wear them in water, at the beach and that I can easily rinse them off in the sink. Hip hip hooray for Native shoes!

Jefferson Iridescence Kids

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