Thursday, April 2, 2015

Remembering Baby Jo Today

In anticipation of today, the one year anniversary of the day I "delivered" baby Jo Frances, our fourth child who we conceived in love, and our third baby we lost, I bought beautiful yellow gerber daisies. This morning while cleaning the house I lit his or her butterfly vanilla bean sweet orange scented soy votive candle from Hip & Hippie. This afternoon after running errands I saw that MEND had remembered Baby Jo Frances too! Just a simple white rose with a purple ribbon, the signature color of MEND, and forget me not flowers means so much to me, it touches me deep within my soul that someone other than Rick and I remembers. Tears came to my eyes in the garage and I held on to my sunshine baby, Sofia, ever so tightly. I told her, Mommy misses baby Jo and all our babies in Heaven. She knows... She then just loved on me, made me smile and laugh. I apologized to her that all our other babies are in Heaven and that we don't have anymore babies on earth and she said, "but we will." Oh to have The Faith of a Child! That's my wish Sofia, that's my wish...

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  1. That Sofia is amazing! I'm still praying for you Nelly!!