Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What If Anything Did You Do Differently?

"What if anything did you do differently?," is a question I often ask bereaved Moms who have gone on to have a rainbow baby. Some say, "nothing" and I think wow how lucky! Others have a list.

Here's my list of what I have done or will do differently after our fourth loss, baby Jude. I am the kind of Mom that has to feel like she is doing something/ anything possible to help her baby make it. 

1) I had an exploratory laparoscopy on October 28th to check for and remove any visible Endometriosis. "Minimal" Stage 1 Endometriosis was removed. 

This makes me feel a little better like I did something proactive and cleaned up my insides/ the areas outside of my uterus for optional pregnancy conditions next time. However, my NaPro OB in Houston made a comment or two on how she likes to do the surgery herself and she may have checked in a few more locations. Talk about not helpful. Her words just put more fear and worry into my head that maybe my Dallas Reproductive Endocrinologist did not see and remove all of it. I went with my Dallas RE for the surgery as he was doing my first D&C right before so two back to back surgeries with one recovery time in Dallas where we live made sense to me as my Mom was flying in to take care of Sofia while I was in surgery and afterwards for a week. If a NaPro OB had been in Dallas of course I would have gone with them for the two surgeries. Time was of the essence as I needed to have my D&C stat for the baby to be tested which unfortunately yielded inconclusive results, aka no answers.

2) I have been taking 4.5 mg of Low Dose Naltroxene (LDN) every evening before bed since January. 

At first I was very weary of taking something I and most other people I talk to have never heard of, so I did a lot of research. Well, after four losses and reading this flyer, watching videos by Dr. Boyle in Ireland and finding LDN users on Facebook I decided to just swallow it. ;)

The first few weeks on LDN were rough with very vivid dreams. I felt like I was going to the movies and seeing movie after movie at night. I was dreaming about high school, college and all sorts of random stuff every night. I hated it as I did not feel rested in the morning but I stuck with it and the side effects have subsided. The only side effect I really notice now is dry mouth when I wake up.

3. I have upped my Folate intake to 10mg of 5-MTHF. My Maternal Fetal Specialist suggested 5mg at a minimum in efforts to prevent neural tubal defects, I actually took 5mg  in my pregnancies with both Sam and Christian. In my research I found out women in Mexico often take 10mg and well since Rick is Mexican and has cousins with neural tubal issues I figure why not take 10mg myself. Folate is water soluble so I will just urinate out any extra Folate that my body does not use.

4. I am taking an additional 15mg of Zinc per my NaPro OB as Zinc has been shown to help with the overall health of eggs, hormones and the development of babies in utero. My prenatal vitamins have always had Zinc in them but I am now taking a separate Zinc pill as well.

5. CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which some in the medical community believe helps egg quality, overall reproductive health and inflammation. My former Acupuncturist and Dr. Weil (more on him later) was a fan of CoQ10 so I am giving it a try. 

6. P+3, P+5, P+7, P+9 HCG Injections (P=Ovulation, P+3 signifies Three Days After Ovulation) Unlike my last pregnancy with Jude I am now injecting HCG into my abdomen before I even know I am pregnant in efforts to nudge my ovaries to produce more estrogen after ovulation. No Doctor other than my NaPro OB has ever been interested in my post peak/ post ovulation estrogen levels. According to my NaPro OB my estrogen after Jude has been a little low/ could be higher after ovulation thus the HCG injections. Who knows what my estrogen levels looked like in my previous pregnancies, no one bothered to check! :( Doctors would just monitor my Progesterone which was always high. My NaPro OB prescribed HCG injections in my last pregnancy as a precaution because of repeat pregnancy loss but only after I knew I was pregnant which was after P+9 so essentially going forward I will have had four HCG injections before I even find out I am pregnant. 

7. Amoxicillin Rick and I have both been taking antibiotics since March after my NaPro OB found two very common Bacteria in my uterus and endometrial lining, Ecoli and Enterococcus Facaelis. We started out with taking amoxicillin for 21 days straight, yuck! ;( Now we take it every cycle, cycle days 1-10 until we are pregnant again for up to six cycles. No one knows when we got these two bacteria in our systems or if they have anything to do with our losses but as a precaution NaPro is trying to blast them away with antibiotics. 

8. Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammation Diet suggested by my NaPro OB. This is by far the HARDEST change. Pray for me! I have barely done it (Shingles, Easter and travel got in the way) and we are soon headed to an all inclusive resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico for a much needed getaway. I am thinking the diet won't really go into full effect until we get back from our getaway. ;) Lord help me. 

So it looks like I have done, am doing or will do eight different things. I think the Low Dose Naltroxene is the biggie. My laparoscopy was big too. May  God work through all of these changes in helping us co-create with Him another healthy living breathing baby that will live with us on earth. 

*In addition to the above I am taking my usual: prenatal vitamin, B6, B12, D3 and low dose aspirin (after implantation).

**It's amazing how I took none of this BLEEP and had Sofia. I just swallowed one purple prenatal vitamin a day from the drugstore and 37 weeks later there she was healthy and alive with us on earth. My how life has changed. :( 

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  1. Well, I know about that HCG shot. :) Glad you are finding answers, but I wouldn't worry about what you should have done in the past, but instead do great things this go around which I know you are doing. Praying for you always Nelly... I learned some new things to take! Hope all is well and have fun in Mexico! Jealous!