Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Complete Stranger Just Said, "Congratulations!!"

So Sofia and I were sitting outside of Starbucks this morning and a complete stranger, referring to me, said, "and she is expecting #2! Congratulations!!" with a huge smile on her face. This led to another Mom at a nearby table congratulating me. I said, "thank you." But man I was thinking WTH?!?! I must be FAT!! Or glowing... ;) People have nerve man. Can you imagine if I was not pregnant? That has happened to me before but never outside amongst strangers and so loudly/ enthusiastically. I just avoid bringing up the pregnancy topic to strangers after everything I have been through. If the comments/ conversation had kept going I would have told these strangers my truth that yes I am expecting BUT for the sixth time and I am only 5 weeks 1 day along and the belly you are seeing is probably from weight gain after my third and fourth losses, post three surgeries and two rounds of prednisone (which I hate by the way). Can you imagine how the tone would have changed?!?! My how much have the three of us been through and how AKWARD and tricky it can be for us in random social settings like Starbucks. #lifeafterrepeatpregnancyloss

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