Thursday, June 11, 2015

RPL & Anxiety

googled staying calm after Repeat Pregnancy Loss and this blog entry was the first to pop up:

I appreciate the author's honesty! Anxiety was constant for her. For me it comes and goes in waves. I hate it. And like her with each pregnancy after my third loss, Baby Jo, it has become more intense. One thing that is kind of helping right now is that I have only had two blood tests the first HCG and Progesterone and the 48 hour HCG check. With my last pregnancy with baby Jude my blood was being tested like every other weekday which was intense. My numbers looked great but Jude's heartbeat stopped after two vaginal ultrasounds anyway. I have learned that it is all about baby's heartbeat. Sure it is good to know you have high Progesterone and your HCG is doubling those first six weeks of pregnancy but after that it is all about baby's heartbeat. 

Injecting HCG and Progesterone on Mondays and Thursdays helps calm me down. I have actually got to the point where I want to do my injections as soon as I wake up, most do them at night when their hubby gets home from work. Rick has just been going in late, not sure how long we can keep that up. ;) The injections calm me down I think because they make me feel like I am doing SOMETHING to help baby. Taking my LDN before bed helps me feel that way too. Man, I hope they are really helping Baby Macias #6. The injections are not easy, pain, blood and bruising accompany some of them. I pray they will all be worth it 32 weeks from now. 

Certain Bible verses, talking to other RPL Moms and my new Subsequent Pregnancy MEND Mom friend helps too. Knowing that we have Priests, family and friends praying for us and Baby Macias #6 this early on is comforting. 

Knowing that NaPro is running blood tests on me every other Monday helps especially between ultrasounds. They will be checking my HCG, Progesterone and Estradiol. They may add additional supplementation if my numbers are on the low side of the range. I pray they will all be on the high end. 

Staying busy or hanging out with friends when Rick is at work helps distract me which is very nice. Anyone up for a weekday playdate or daytime Mommy date? ;) 

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