Monday, July 27, 2015

Today's Checkup

Thanking God for another good appointment today. We had our 12 week checkup a day early and baby's heartbeat was 170! Baby is alive! Praise God!

It was a nerve racking appointment though... The nurse started the doppler portion without gloves, then after a first attempt to find baby's heartbeat said, "let me get more gel," then after a second attempt to find baby's heartbeat said, "let me put on gloves." Somewhere between the first and second attempts she said to bare with her as it can take her a while to find heartbeat. I closed my eyes, prayed, braced myself for the worst, could feel myself starting to get upset but not sad/ teary more pissed/ angry at the thought of there possibly being no heartbeat yet I kept praying and trying to breath in and out. I also kept squeezing Rick's hand to get him to look at me and he would so not look at me. After a third attempt the nurse finally found baby's heartbeat. I asked how many beats before being ok and she said "170." Thank God! I have got to the point where I know if it is significantly low, like low 100s or under it is not a good sign. I then looked up at Rick and he was wiping away tears!! I was surprised as I did not know he had been tearing up, maybe that's why he didn't look at me. ;( We have been through so much repeat trauma. These Doctor appointments are so intense and draining for us. I am on the sofa now trying to recuperate. Oh what a day!

Now we await to receive our Maternity 21 results which will hopefully arrive this week, latest next Tuesday. Lord, we pray that Baby Macias #6's chromosomes are perfect.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Baby is alive! Heartbeat: 174! :)

Today is our 11 week appointment where the nurse checked baby's heartbeat with a doppler and where we are awaiting to have my blood drawn to check baby's chromosomes.

We just met my MFM's nurse, Sam, for the first time and we quickly told her our story. She warned us that it may take her a little bit to find baby's heartbeat with the doppler. She then began to check on the left side of my lower abdomen and after a minute asked to take my pulse which scared us given our history. I prayed and clutched Rick's hand with both of my hands. The nurse then moved the wand to the middle of my abdomen and baby's heartbeat was loud and strong at 174! Praise the Lord! Tears and hugs!

Today, July 21st, also marks the two year anniversary of the due date of our second baby, baby Sam. :) Baby Sam, nurse Sam... God wink??? ;) 

Thank you Lord for good news today. You know what we have been living through the last 2.5 years with RPL. You knew our fears about this morning and how we prayed that today would not be a double whammy of grief and sorrow. Instead today is a good day! Thank you Lord for today! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Update on My Progesterone

My progesterone results came in today and I am still in High Zone 2!! Woohoo!! :) 

Let me tell you I have been so worried for the last 24+ hours waiting on my results as they took longer than usual. I hate worrying so much while pregnant. :(

As I learned in MEND, "today is today" and I am grateful for my results today. Thank you Lord! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 Weeks Today!

We are 10 weeks pregnant today with baby Macias #6. :)

Yesterday afternoon I was diagnosed with GERD per my Maternal Fetal Medicine OB. I have been having crazy gag reflexes when trying to swallow my pills that are worst at night and often followed by vomiting. :( Everyday I feel like something like food, a stick, a piece of mulch, etc. is stuck in my throat and it drives me crazy! ;( 

Anyone else ever have GERD? In the first trimester? How did you treat? Doc has prescribed me suppositories. Fun times! ;) 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy at 9 Weeks

We hosted a backyard sprinkler party this morning/ early afternoon and afterward I realized that I am happy at nine weeks pregnant and praying that this feeling does not end. Come on rainbow baby!! I also realized that keeping busy, hosting, hanging out with friends helps me relax, distracts me from worrying. I'm an extrovert so afterwards I feel recharged/ reenergized. And right now I can use all the extra positive energy I can get. ;) 

I'm nauseous as anything though in the late afternoons until I fall asleep. Gagging and sometimes vomitting on my slew of pills. Pray for me y'all it is imperative that I swallow and keep down all my pills especially my mega dose of Folate and Low Dose Naltroxene. Luckily my baby aspirin is tiny and thanks to a friend I found some yummy prenatal gummies.

My next Maternal Fetal Medicine OB appointment is in two weeks. I will be 11 weeks pregnant then and the Doc will have my blood drawn to check baby's chromosomes and gender. :) I pray all goes perfectly!! The nurse will also use a Doppler to check baby's heartbeat if I am up for it since my Doc will be out of the office but seeing me the following Monday at 11 weeks 6 days for a thorough physical exam and sonogram.