Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy at 9 Weeks

We hosted a backyard sprinkler party this morning/ early afternoon and afterward I realized that I am happy at nine weeks pregnant and praying that this feeling does not end. Come on rainbow baby!! I also realized that keeping busy, hosting, hanging out with friends helps me relax, distracts me from worrying. I'm an extrovert so afterwards I feel recharged/ reenergized. And right now I can use all the extra positive energy I can get. ;) 

I'm nauseous as anything though in the late afternoons until I fall asleep. Gagging and sometimes vomitting on my slew of pills. Pray for me y'all it is imperative that I swallow and keep down all my pills especially my mega dose of Folate and Low Dose Naltroxene. Luckily my baby aspirin is tiny and thanks to a friend I found some yummy prenatal gummies.

My next Maternal Fetal Medicine OB appointment is in two weeks. I will be 11 weeks pregnant then and the Doc will have my blood drawn to check baby's chromosomes and gender. :) I pray all goes perfectly!! The nurse will also use a Doppler to check baby's heartbeat if I am up for it since my Doc will be out of the office but seeing me the following Monday at 11 weeks 6 days for a thorough physical exam and sonogram. 

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