Monday, July 27, 2015

Today's Checkup

Thanking God for another good appointment today. We had our 12 week checkup a day early and baby's heartbeat was 170! Baby is alive! Praise God!

It was a nerve racking appointment though... The nurse started the doppler portion without gloves, then after a first attempt to find baby's heartbeat said, "let me get more gel," then after a second attempt to find baby's heartbeat said, "let me put on gloves." Somewhere between the first and second attempts she said to bare with her as it can take her a while to find heartbeat. I closed my eyes, prayed, braced myself for the worst, could feel myself starting to get upset but not sad/ teary more pissed/ angry at the thought of there possibly being no heartbeat yet I kept praying and trying to breath in and out. I also kept squeezing Rick's hand to get him to look at me and he would so not look at me. After a third attempt the nurse finally found baby's heartbeat. I asked how many beats before being ok and she said "170." Thank God! I have got to the point where I know if it is significantly low, like low 100s or under it is not a good sign. I then looked up at Rick and he was wiping away tears!! I was surprised as I did not know he had been tearing up, maybe that's why he didn't look at me. ;( We have been through so much repeat trauma. These Doctor appointments are so intense and draining for us. I am on the sofa now trying to recuperate. Oh what a day!

Now we await to receive our Maternity 21 results which will hopefully arrive this week, latest next Tuesday. Lord, we pray that Baby Macias #6's chromosomes are perfect.


  1. so excited for you Nelly! It's been encouraging to watch you trust the Lord!!!

  2. Oh Nelly, this made me cry tears of joy for you and reminded me of how I felt with Haven. What a day indeed - rest up, momma! <3 <3

  3. I'm so happy!!!! I know it's so hard to wait to hear the heartbeat! Prayers to you guys!!