Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Little Math Before Tomorrow's Appointment

I drafted this up today as I reflect on things before my 16 weeks 3 days appointment tomorrow where I pray Baby Girl Macias' heartbeat is beating loud and strong! :)

- 4 Pregnancy/ Baby Losses (Who combined I carried longer than Sofia)
- 2 Catholic Funerals (1 Burial for Christian and 1 Mass for Jude/ All) 
- Countless Number of Blood Tests on Me, Rick and Baby Jude (our fourth loss)
- 3 Saline Sonos by 3 Different Docs
- 4 Uterine/ Endometrial Cultures
- 3 Surgeries (uterine polyp removal, D&C for testing of our fourth loss, exploratory laparoscopy for endometriosis) 
- 2 Visits to Houston NaPro Technology OB
- 3 REs
- 4 OBs in Dallas
- 1 MFM
- 1 Naturopath
- 1 Chiropractor
- 1 Immunologist
- 1 Geneticist 
- 1 Acupuncturist 
- 2 Therapists
- Shingles (not sure if that counts but feels related ;))
- Antibiotics for Rick & I 
- 3 Support Groups
- The Annointing of the Sick for Rick & I Before Concieving Baby Girl
- Countless Prayers 
- ~ 20 HCG Shots for Baby Girl
- ~ 20 Progesterone Shots and Counting for Baby Girl
- ~ 14 Progesterone Suppositories and Counting for Baby Girl
- Countless Handfuls of PreNatals, Vitamins/ Supplements, Low Dose Baby Aspirin Daily and Counting 
- $$$$$ ;) 
- 2.5+ Years of Our Lives, Emotions and Minds 

Come on Rainbow Baby! Grow, grow, grow! :) We can't wait to feel your kicks!! We love you sooooo much and can't wait to look into your eyes and hear you cry! In Jesus' name, AMEN! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Baby Macias #6 is a GIRL!! :)

On Saturday we had our first ever gender reveal party. It was so last minute as baby's gender results arrived the afternoon before and were shared with my MEND friend Kimberely in New York. It felt a little strange to be having a party so early, earlier than the point in which we lost Christian but it also felt important to celebrate this baby's life with a few dear friends who understand loss and pregnancy after loss. We celebrated over Bubba's chicken and cake! ;) In attendance were three other MEND families and one family from Church who have all been by our side after we lost Christian, Jo and Jude. We love them dearly. 

Rick and I with our rainbow gender reveal cake and balloons. The black balloons held colored stars that revealed our baby's gender upon popping. 

Sofia was so excited to have a party in our home. She couldn't wait to find out if baby was a baby brother or a baby sister.

A collage of our party. Sofia was afraid of the noise of balloons popping. ;)