Monday, May 23, 2016

My Favorite Baby Items This Time Around

I totally need to update my blog with Baby Girl Macias' birth and our first 3+ months but in the meantime a short fun post on my favorite baby items this time around. 😊

1. Honest Wipes
Holy cow! I love these wipes! Rick does too! They are so different from any wipes we have ever tried. They just feel good on your fingers/ hands as you wipe baby and they get the job done well. 😉 Try them! By far our most favorite wipes ever!!

2. The Boba 4G Carrier
I wish I had used this with our firstborn. Life changing! Both Rick and I use it when shopping, at Church, while exercising, etc.. I love that baby girl can hear our heartbeat and be all warm and snuggly while we are multitasking. 

3. Halo Sleeveless Sleepsacks
Baby girl loves these warm fleece sleep sacks. I love that she can access her precious little hands for comfort whenever she wants. Our rainbow was born with a sucking blistering on her wrist/ lower arm. Sweet girl was sucking hard in the womb! It's natural! We used the newborn Swaddle and are now on to the size small Sleepsack. 

4. Rompers and Bubbles 
One piece outfits. Being that our rainbow was born in the Winter I loved footed zip ups for sleeping and for "playing" in cold weather. Now that it is warm I am all about the romper or bubble. Two piece outfits or dresses with panties can be adorable but rompers and bubbles are so fast and easy when we've got places to go plus it covers baby's belly at all times. 

5. The B.F.F. Diaper Bag by Ju-Ju-Be
I have Rick to thank for this find as he helped me research the heck out of diaper bags. 😉 The name does not lie, this bag will become your best-friend. I love the front mommy pocket, memory foam backpack straps, memory foam changing pad, structured bottom with luggage feet, antibacterial lining, crumb drains and that it is machine washable!!